Resolving the Technical and Business Challenges of Getting Connected to the Internet of Things

JUNE 5-6, 2019 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA



The IoT DevCon is designed to provide software and system developers the resources to understand and tackle complex challenges of IoT technology in embedded systems – from the edge node to the cloud. The two-day IoT conference will consist of executive and technical tracks of authoritative perspectives on how the latest technologies affect business and product development illuminating the future of IoT.

The 2019 IoT DevCon will focus on technologies ranging from ultra-low power microcontrollers to multicore-enabled aggregation hubs and from software strategies to security solutions as well as techniques required to monitor and manage the enormous loads of device-generated data.

Topics and technologies featured include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing for ultra-low power IoT
  • Exploring industry standards and connectivity protocols
  • Building hubs that can harness the data explosion
  • Software development environments for M2M/IoT applications
  • IoT Gateways and beyond
  • Understanding and managing security-related issues
  • IoT Planning, Design, Deployment, and Provisioning on a budget
  • How IoT Technologies Translate into Key Markets & New Products
  • Leveraging Edge Computing for Lower Cost, Lower Latency, and more
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • The future of what IoT will bring

Register to attend, submit an abstract or contact us for Sponsorship and/or Exhibit opportunities before space fills up – make sure you don’t miss a step in the rapidly evolving landscape we all live in!

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