June 5-6, 2018 - SANTA CLARA, CA
Resolving the Technical and Business Challenges of Getting Connected to the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things Developers Conference (IoT DevCon) is pleased to announce two very special summits. We hope you will be able to attend.

2017 IoT DevCon: IoT Device Security Summit
September 28 – Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


Things have been connected to the Internet for many decades, going back to the days when it was referred to as Machine-to-Machine (M2M). While Building secure systems has always been a concern, the tremendous growth of the IoT has revealed that security, or the lack thereof, has become an epidemic problem.

For many IoT Devices, security is an afterthought, and is often purposely avoided to save cost, eliminate the performance impact, or out of fear of implementing it incorrectly. Unfortunately, once a device has been developed, it’s difficult to go back and properly integrate security features. Security must be implemented from the ground up in a device – the focus of the 2017 IoT DevCon: IoT Device Security Summit.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Implementing End-to-End Security
  • Hardware and Software Security Components
  • Secure Data Storage : Protection and Connectivity Protocols
  • Using Security Frameworks and Dev Kits
  • Matching IoT Profiles with Security Requirements
  • Understanding the Performance and Energy Impact of Security


2017 IoT DevCon: Connected Devices & Gateways
FEB 2018 (date TBA) – Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses a range of applications, from consumer electronics, home automation, and connected cars to industrial controls and Smart Cities. One of the key characteristics of any IoT application is its connection, directly or indirectly, to the Internet. Bluetooth, cellular, Thread, LoRA, Sigfox, Wi-fi, and Zigbee represent some of the alphabet soup of communication protocols that are available for IoT Devices to make this connection. Furthermore, IoT gateways, as the in between step to the cloud, must also support an assortment of these protocols.

The IoT DevCon: Connected Devices & Gateways Summit will bring together expert speakers to discuss topics such as protocol integration and interoperability challenges, gateway design and implementation, security enforcement within communication protocols, and optimizations to achieve best-in-class performance and battery life.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Choosing the right IoT Communication Protocol
  • Applying Privacy and Security Methods within Wireless Connectivity
  • Maximizing Client Access on an IoT Gateway
  • Tools and Techniques for Optimizing Performance and Battery Life
  • Interoperability Challenges in a Diverse World of Applications and IoT Protocols.


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