ME1699:  Exploring IoT Connectivity - Conquering the Beast
Day 04/27/17
Time 10:00-10:25
Company PolyCore Software
Abstract A myriad of both de facto and sanctioned standard connectivity protocols and physical transports exist in the IoT. How does one bring some coherency to this fragmentation, to optimize product development and time to market? Attend this presentation to get an understanding of the challenge and some ideas of how to conquer the 'connectivity beast' and smoothly share data in IoT.



Sven Brehmer
President & CEO, PolyCore Software

Brehmer is a founding member of the Multicore Association, CTO and chairman of the Communications API working group. Prior to founding PolyCore Software, Brehmer served as senior director for Wind River's Embedded Platforms Division, then home of VxWorks, pSOS and VSPWorks. He came to Wind River through the acquisition of Integrated Systems in 2000, where Brehmer served as the chief operating officer and executive vice president of DIAB-SDS. Prior to DIAB-SDS, Brehmer was the president and CEO of Diab Data. Brehmer received his Master's degree in Electronics Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.