ME1820:  Embedding Security in IoT Devices
Day 09/28/17
Time 16:00-16:25
Location Santa Clara Ballroom
Company Multibeam Corporation - Synopsys
Abstract Most IoT devices are low-cost microchips doing simple tasks and communicating over wireless Internet. A breached IoT device can become a platform for attacks on other subsystems, and this enabled the massive DDoS attack. This presentation highlights how software security is compromised and how “Device Unique Key” (DUK) is inscribed in each IoT device. Used with security protocols, the DUK authenticates and identifies the sources of firmware, allowing legitimate access for updates and bug-fixes while blocking hacker malware, thereby establishing a crucial part of the hardware “Root-of-Trust” – the foundation of a secure system. The presentation will also compare device security solutions and show how the DUK complements software and network security to bolster IoT device security.



David Lam
Chairman, Multibeam Corporation

David is probably best known for founding Lam Research, now a global leader in wafer fab equipment. Multibeam is building lithography systems with its mini-e-beam column technology for production of microchips used by the U.S. government. The technology also enables Direct Electron Writing (DEW) to inscribe unique security data in each IoT device to complement software and network security and bolster IoT security.

2nd Speaker Mike Borza
Member Technical Staff, Synopsys

3rd Speaker